Gymnasium No 1

Lower Secondary School No 1 in Sandomierz was founded in 1999 in the place of the former primary school. Since 2004, school No 1 has been named after Jan Długosz. For all years of its existence, the school has been very active. It gained a very good reputation and it is one of the foremost gymnasiums in our province. Our educational institution is well equipped, it has a very well qualified teaching staff and, the most important, the atmosphere is friendly to every student. Teenagers attending our school have a chance to broaden their knowledge and cultivate their interests thanks to additional artistic, scientific, language and sports lessons, spending nice time with friends during many cultural events and also helping others in different charity actions. Our students can also get to know to the culture of other countries and check their communicative skills in practice during annual educational projects. Our school develops and extends its offer aimed at students all the time. Our school has received the European School Certificate in 2004.

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